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NEOS is an easy to use vaporizer designed for adult smokers looking for a genuine alternative to smoking cigarettes. The body of the device contains the battery (which has been through rigorous stress testing), a patent-pending temperature regulator and a set of sensors to give readings on the device’s charge level and to sense when you are vaping.

The atomizer comes contained inside our NEOSpods, which carry our NEOSsalts™, an e-liquid formula based on nicotine salts rather than freebase nicotine. The benefit of the NEOSsalts™ is that you get a fresh coil in each pod so you don’t have to replace it, and no setup is required. The NEOS device is rechargeable via our USB charger and takes roughly one hour to charge fully. Pods click into the top of the NEOS device and also serve as your mouthpiece.

Although NEOS does not require much maintenance, we do recommend using a dry or slightly moistened cotton swab to clean the charge contacts and inside NEOS where the pod is inserted.

Depending on your use, a full charge will last roughly one full day.

Depending on your use, a full charge will last about as much as one NEOSpod. One NEOSpod is about 260 puffs, however, individual vaping patterns may vary.

We design our device to be reliable and strive to exceed our 6-month Limited Warranty period -- this is not a disposable item like many other e-cigarettes. For disposal purposes, NEOS should be treated like any other consumer electronic device, such as a cell phone. We suggest following your city's local recommendations for disposing of a lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.


NEOS uses a closed loop temperature control algorithm designed to deliver the ideal amount of power at any given time to the NEOSpod. The liquid is heated using an industry standard wick and nichrome coil system.

NEOS currently offers ten different NEOSpod products, which include Mango, Mint, Maduro Tobacco, Grape, Blueberry, Pineapple, Winter Orange, Zesty Lemon, Lychee, and Green Apple.

NEOSpods are offered in 5% strengths. Each 5% NEOSpod is designed to contain approximately 1.0mL with 5% nicotine by weight (approx. 50mg per pod) at time of manufacture. We are currently working on a step down program and will soon offer lower nicotine percentages to our customers.

One NEOSpod is intended to last approximately 260 puffs. However, individual vaping patterns may vary.

NEOSpods are meant to be consumed soon after purchase, and while they will not expire after one year, you may experience a natural flavor or quality decrease after one year. It's best to store NEOSpods at room temperature in a dry environment in their sealed compartments until use.

Our ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, extracts and flavor, nicotine salts and benzoic acid.

  • Glycerol and Propylene Glycol are commonly used humectants in vaporization liquids, and also used in a number of consumer products like toothpaste.
  • Benzoic Acid is a naturally occurring acid found in the tobacco plant, which is a part of our proprietary formulation that makes NEOS the ultimate vaping experience.

For health and safety concerns, please do not attempt to refill your NEOSpods. To maintain product quality NEOSpods are not designed for refills nor re-use. The coils and wicks within the pod are strictly meant for one time use.

For health and safety concerns, please do not attempt to refill or open your NEOSpods. To maintain product quality NEOSpods are not designed for refills nor re-use.

NEOSpods are built for easy, smooth drawing and are designed to produce an optimal vapor and nicotine experience under normal drawing pressure. It may take a little extra suction on the first draw to get the NEOSpod going, but the NEOS Care Team always recommends a gentle puff on the mouthpiece. Avoid aggressively puffing or using extreme suction as this can force liquid up into the air path. It's best to avoid squeezing the mouthpiece between your teeth or lips - this pressure may also force liquid up into the air path and cause leaking. When inserting your NEOSpod, place your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece to avoid squeezing the NEOSpod as it clicks into place.

NEOSpod Troubleshooting

If your NEOSpod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use it, but wipe off the liquid before inserting back into your NEOS device. Leaking can occur when the liquid is pulled up into the air path due to one of the following reasons:

  • Puffing aggressively on the mouthpiece - try puffing more gently.
  • Squeezing or biting the NEOSpod as you puff - relax your mouth on the mouthpiece.
  • Squeezing the wide sides of the NEOSpod when you insert it - place your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece as you click into place.
  • If you encounter an excessively leaky NEOSpod or continue to experience leaking after making these adjustments, please save the affected NEOSpods and contact the NEOS Care Team to discuss the issue.

NEOSpods subject to excessive humidity or a drastic altitude change may experience a minor amount of condensation or leakage. If your NEOSpod leaks, it's best to avoid direct contact with the liquid. You may continue using a NEOSpod if some liquid has escaped, but carefully wipe the liquid off with a clean cloth or tissue before inserting into your device. If leaking persists, please contact the NEOS Care team.

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