Thank you for your interest in our NEOS Influencer Program. We are always looking for great talent to represent our brand and continue to assist us in becoming a dominant player in our industry. Our mission is to connect with like-minded individuals who have a great connection with their followers. Relationships are extremely important to us, so we are here to establish lasting business connections and make sure everyone we work with is well taken care of and rewarded.

Some ways you can earn with the NEOS Influencer Program:

  • 1. Free Products
  • 2. Receive a percentage of an online sale through your own unique codes
  • 3. Receive payment for the publication of sponsored or branded content

We do not accept any influencers who have paid for fake followers. We will do our due diligence in analyzing each applicant's profiles to ensure the quality of the followers are real and engaging with you and your content.

Please fill out the application below as best as you can, and if you fit what we are looking for we will contact you within 2 business days.

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