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NEOS was founded by former smokers looking for a  challenge in finding a better alternative to smoking. They’d been smokers for many years, but they were increasingly dissatisfied with the health and environmental impacts of cigarettes. With over 5.6 trillion cigarettes made each year, as many as two-thirds are dumped irresponsibly. 

Our company is taking a stand in trying to support the transitions of our worlds global smokers towards a better alternative. To improve not only the lives of our members but by creating lasting changes in our industry and our environment. 

With vaping becoming the new social norm, we decided to pave a new path in the industry by offering not only great products and creating some of the best  formulas on the market which were designed to help users making the switch from combustable smoking easier, but by creating systems within our company to decrease waste and improper disposal of our products into the environment. For more information about the NEOS Recycle Program, please visit https://neosvapor.com/recycle-program/ for more information on how you can be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

NEOS as a brand has many meanings to us and hopefully to our members as well. NEOS to us means positive movements and inspiring change. To be different and act different. We are not just a smoking alternative, we are the smarter alternative. 

We are future thinkers. We are action takers. We, are NEOS.

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