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Our first category of philanthropy that we are passionate about supporting will be ocean clean up. As our product line does use plastic casings for our NEOSpods, having a system set in place to ensure our products are not being littered into the streets and oceans is extremely important to us. Since the beginning of plastic material in society, our environment and oceans have been under attack and has been the leading cause of waste on our planet. Did you know, cigarette butts are the largest and worst contaminant of oceans? Cigarette butts - not plastic straws. 

Cigarette butts are not only ubiquitous, but also their disposal has largely been unregulated, meaning a nearly unlimited number hit the seas. Every time you are walking down the street and you chuck your butt, most likely that will end up in the sea if not cleaned up immediately. Cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate, a type of plastic that can take over a decade to decompose. Of the 5.6 trillion cigarettes that are made with these filters each year, as many as two-thirds are dumped irresponsibly. The tobacco companies themselves have reportedly "looked" into everything from biodegradable filters and distributing portable ashtrays to avoid being held responsible for cigarette litter. But so far, these efforts have fallen flat, with smokers predominantly preferring to flick their cigarette butts wherever they please. 

The founders of NEOS, Dillan Brandt and Calvin Cam have been at the forefront of this massively important topic and are doing everything to combat irresponsible waste. First, by switching smokers to a better alternative which will also reduce the waste of cigarette butts immensely. Secondly, by creating the NEOS Recycle Program, where users can save their NEOSpods and send them back to NEOS headquarters to be disposed of properly and eliminate the chances of improper disposal of their plastic casings. 

"We are extremely environmentally aware as a company, as a brand. A lot of people are still not educated enough on the benefits of vaping vs combustable smoking, which leads us to continuous investing in research that will continue to advance our products to become safer and less harmful on us and our users. Thinking about our global footprint in the world and what we leave in it is no different. They are both important and we will continue to develop strategies to become better as a company in every aspect of our industry." 

How do you participate in the NEOS Recycle Program, and what do you as a member benefit in doing so? 

We urge all of our members to join and be a part of this movement. This creates a positive momentum for the NEOS brand by giving customers an opportunity to participate by having the donations given in their name to the ocean clean up foundations of their choice

We do place a minimum amount of pods to be sent at a time, which is set at 100 NEOSpods. We will take care of all the shipping costs involved and for every 100 NEOSpods returned, we will donate $5 in your name to the ocean clean up companies you select within our NEOS Foundation partners.


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